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About orthotic therapy

ORTHOTIC means "straightening". Foot orthoses can be a really useful part ot podiatric therapy, along with appropriate footwear.

Treatment may include exercises and activity changes. Foot excercises offer terrific potential to improve foot function as there are 7 layers of muscle under the foot that can be activated with targeted exercise. Other first line treatment to relieve pain might be recommended initally. Orthotic therapy is usually long term; addressing foot alignment and can be helpful to improve function, reduce pain and prevent injury to help you live your best life.

Custom orthotic therapy  can be  a great way to get a highly effective solution to pain associated with foot and leg structure and function.

Sylvia specialises in handmaking her own custom orthoses, using a process that minimises bulk and can

           -  fit into a wide range of good looking and sporting footwear, including slim fit women's shoes, skates,

              dance shoes and footy boots

           -  be so comfortable that you really want to wear them all the time

           -  be supremely light, flexible where needed, and strong and supportive where needed

           -  be affordable - see the Professional Fees page

The orthotics can usually be made out of a single piece of material. Any redundant material is removed for easiest shoe fitting. Depending on your needs and suitability, a slim fit design with an apeture under the heel may be an option. The lowest cost and easiest fit option for you will be negotiated with you, to best suit your needs.

Natural colour options of black or biscuit are available.

Types of custom orthotics

Sole fit standard - moderate heel cup height, all purpose, with multiple applications suiting a wide range of footwear.

Sole fit slim -  a very low bulk option with low heel cups with an optional central heel apeture, suitable for slim fitting footwear- a revelation as to how slim and effective an orthotic can be!

Sole fit stability - higher heel cups it when improving stability is an important part of treatment. High arched feet and feet needing more support may suit the benefits from this style.

Sole fit full - full length with cushioning and with the potential for customised forefoot offloading. This style is useful to distribute pressure and can be great in diabetes to prevent foot wounds.


Custom Cushioning - The right amount and placement of cushioning is very important. A variety of

high quality, replaceable cushioning can be supplied in separate pieces to suit various needs for work, sport and recreational activities with any orthotic style according to your feet and footwear.

Sole fit - for fabulous function and unsurpassed fit

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