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Patient Resources

Initial assessment for orthotics video

Clinician resources

Poster from the Diabetic Foot Australia conference- Brisbane 2019

" Clarity for peripheral vascular assessment practices from consolidation of recent evidence" 

How to take a toe pressure

This video incorporates recommendations derived from Sylvia's PhD project

outcomes for a clinical protocol to maximise the validity of toe pressure measures.

 Seminars in vascular screening 

 Double page seminar information outline

 Single page information and seminar outline

Ask Sylvia for these resources, very happy to share pending publication. Email on

Patient protocol for GTN

Prescriber's protocol for GTN

Links for some clinically useful articles 

Article: A PAD service led by podiatrists and nurses. Fox, M., Stuart,L.,Proudman,M., Ruff,D. Nursing Times; Oct 30-Nov 5 2012; Vol.108, No.44 

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