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Fees for professional services


Short Initial consultation        $95.00       30 min 

Standard Initial consultation  $135.00  for 40 mins

Follow up consultation         $87.50 with a valid GPMP referral*

Follow up consultation         $95.00  for  30  mins

Home or hospital visit          $190 per hour, 45min. minimum $145

Nail surgery + Local anaesthetic $395 for one side - details in consultation

Veteran Affairs- as per DVA Schedule dependent on eligibility

Private health fund rebates apply to eligible fund members and rebates vary according to fund and level of cover.

Work Safe, TAC, NDIS and Aged Care Packages serviced - prior account information required. Ask when making initial appointment for the accounts information form. 

Medicare subsidised consultations* Rebate $58.30 in 2024


You can be eligible for up to 5 annual Medicare subsidised podiatry visits if you have a chronic health condition for example, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and your general medical practitioner (GP) refers you for podiatry care under a GP management plan (GPMP).

Full fee is owed and payable on the day of service.

Minimum out of pocket fees will be

Initial appointment:   $120.00 - $58.30 = $ 61.60

short initial appt. :    $  95.00 - $58.30 = $ 36.70

Standard follow up:  $  87.50 - $58.30 = $ 29.50


The fee attracts a Medicare rebate of $58.30 only if covered by a valid GPMP referral written and received prior to the treatment (no backdating).

  • To be valid for a Medicare rebate, your doctor’s referral must cover the dates of the podiatry consultations and be made out to the correct provider - Sylvia McAra.


  • Up to 5 visits with any combination of Allied Health providers forms the plan at the doctor’s discretion.


  • Your doctor can change the details of the plan such as the provider, or allocation of any unused visits on the plan at their discretion.


  • Your referring doctor receives a report from the podiatrist at the first and last visit covered by the plan.


  • A new plan can be made every 12 months and lasts for 1 calendar year from the date of the initial referral.


Simple plain or customised cushioning base insoles from  $20 pair item F262

Heat customised orthotics/pair. Fitting apt. needed          $150  Item F267 


Non - rigid orthotics custom made by Dr McAra 


Impressions are required for all custom orthoses          $ 100  Item  F303 x 2 

                    orthoses pair  slim/standard/stability   $ 390  Item  F221 x 2                   


  Non-standard custom orthoses                  from       $ 430   

With all orthoses, a standard fitting and a follow up appointment are required.

Custom made orthoses are guaranteed for 2 years as long as follow up recommendations for review are met. Orthoses may require reinforcement, rebalancing or wear plating, depending on wear, footwear needs and changes in the feet.

Yearly orthotic review checking for adjustment and maintenance needs is the minimum standard recommended in adults. For children, athletes and people with high levels of activity and unstable conditions, a minimum of 6 monthly review or more frequently may be advised. Exercises are often included in therapeutic recommendations.

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